MSQPC Fall Adult Christian Education

Race and Racism: What is Jesus Asking of Us?

We have strived so long toward goals of inclusion and respect for all people, yet the promise of interculturalism now seems distant and threatened. Join us this fall, as we focus on the issues of race, racism and our Christian call and response.

Beginning this fall we will begin exploring the current racial landscape, particularly in the United States and how, following in Christ’s footsteps compels us to respond.

The center of our curriculum is the video series, “Covenantal Restoration,” from THE WORK OF THE PEOPLE and Sojourners Magazine. This series posits, we have broken our relationship with God, but we can yet “live into the Shalom” [intent] that God wants for us.

On October 1, 2017, we continue exploring our call as people of God with more offerings that help move us closer to our vision of Diversity, Inclusion, Bearing Witness, and Social Justice.