Get Connected-Get Involved

The congregation has spoken, and now it’s time to introduce Madison Square Small Groups! Small group ministry is not a new concept. The New Testament is full of instructions to worship, pray, teach, and love one another in small groups. It’s the not-so-secret key to discipleship, but it requires us to know and spend time with one another a little more than we currently do, which is exactly what we heard from Madison Square during the discernment process last year!

You are invited to explore the opportunities available this fall. Facilitators of the fall groups will be available to answer questions for you before it’s time to sign up. If weekly small groups are not something that fits in your current schedule, make sure to note the opportunities that come about bi-weekly or monthly that will still provide you the opportunity to spend time with one another at Madison Square and try to clear your schedule for the next 10-week session starting in January 2020.

Companions Along the Way

What does it mean to be a person of faith? How do I pray? Is doubt a part of faith? What about the bible? Do I really have to love my neighbor my enemy? What’s the difference between charity and justice? Perhaps you have had some of these questions – or others. If so, the Companions Along the Way small group is for you.

In this group, we will have conversations about faith and discipleship, about relationship with God and one another. We will talk about things like, prayer, forgiveness, gratitude, generosity, the bible, and social justice. Conversations will be grounded in scripture, encourage mutual sharing, and encourage connection and friendship. This group will be facilitated by Randy Rice and Mac Holmes, with additional support from Pastor Bart and Pastor Gin.

This group will meet on Sunday mornings from 9:30-10:30 am on the second floor in the Parlor

LifeKeys is an opportunity to discover who God made you to be by exploring the questions:
Why Are You Here? What Do You Do Best? What Are You Passionate About? What Do You Value? What Are Your Priorities?

This small group will help you find meaning and purpose through discovering and affirming:

• What you do best (by discovering your life gifts and spiritual gifts).
• The places or atmospheres that give you the most energy (by understanding your personality type and values).
• The purposes God placed in your heart (knowing your passions)

This group will meet Wednesday evenings from 7:00-8:30 PM at the home of Pastor Bart and Kelly Roush, who will be facilitating this group. This group is limited to 12 people.

Holy Yoga plus Fellowship
Newbies & yogis, men & women, young & old: join us for an hour of lovely Holy Yoga, followed by fellowship over a light meal at a nearby restaurant. Holy Yoga is a large, flexible group that meets at University United Methodist Church (5084 De Zavala) on Mondays at 6 p.m. All you need is a yoga mat.

Facilitators: Michelle Vetters and Carol Frere

Madison Square 101
How did Madison Square get started, or, for that matter, how did the Presbyterian Church begin? What are all those “church” words that everyone uses? What events led Madison Square to where it is today? All will be revealed on Sunday mornings in the small group, Madison Square 101.

This group will meet in the Alpha room (third floor across from choir room) at 9:30 am on Sundays.

Facilitators: Margaret Erickson and Linda Nance