??What’s Next for Madison Square??

??What’s Next for Madison Square??

Every church needs to be able to answer three questions. These are; “Who are we?” “Who is our neighbor?” And, “What is God calling us to be and do?”

The question of who we are is about our identity – about what makes us unique and what values undergird what we are about. Knowing who we are allows for clear and purposeful decisions to move us into the future.

The question of who our neighbor is about our context – where we live in time and space. This is both a geographical question and a cultural question. Knowing who is around us and what is going on in the wider culture allows for informed decisions about how to engage with our community or communities.

The question about where God is calling us is about our purpose and our mission. God is active in the world and calls us out into the world to join God in particular service to the world.

Spending time in discernment to arrive at possible answers to these questions allows the church to respond faithfully to God’s calling.
The answer to these questions for Madison Square Presbyterian Church are not entirely clear. Because of this, it is time to enter into some meaningful and purposeful conversations through a structured planning process.

This planning process will include four stages: Discover, Dream, Design, and Deliver (or Destiny). In the Discover phase, information is gathered to get a clear picture of who we are and who our neighbors are. The Dream phase takes the information from the discovery phase and begins to imagine where God is calling us. The Design phase takes the dreams that are articulated and begins to form specific plans, innovations, and actions to make the dream a reality. The Deliver phase begins the implementation of moving into our new future.